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Title: Player Names Database
Post by: saposcat on September 11, 2018, 01:44:36 am
Hi everyone

Not sure if this warrants a new thread, but thought I'd mention that I'm working on a first and last names database that we could add to the existing list of names.

If anyone has already done some work on this, please let me know!

I began work on this some years ago in one of my previous PC2011 saves and have just managed to dig it up on my old PC. I'll continue to  add to the list the coming weeks and months. Hopefully can come up with a pretty exhaustive list.

Just had a quick question when drafting the lists. Maybe Grenville or someone else might be able to answer.
- Are the first and last names paired randomly from the notepad lists to generate a new player name?
- If so, would it be a matter of having more common first and last names appear more than once on the lists, so as it generate more "common sounding" names? i.e. having "Tom" or "Johnson" appear 50+ times?

Title: Re: Player Names Database
Post by: SJL93 on September 11, 2018, 02:04:56 am
I did a version of that on 1 of my old PC games not that long ago, thinking the notepad file was for players, turned out to be coaches. Anyway, I would be a good idea to separate "first names" &  "Last names" into separate files to avoid someone called "Johnson Johnson".
As for doubling up. In mine I used draftee names from coming seasons & didn't double up but the name generator turned out okay a few funny combos "Mabior Dalgleish" was a bit funny. They should be okay otherwise as long as you don't have too many of the same name in each file. Putting "Tom" in first names 50 times would be a mistake, 3-6 should be enough.
Title: Re: Player Names Database
Post by: saposcat on September 11, 2018, 08:04:23 am
Haha yep, definitely had some weird ones too SJL.

Separate "First Name" and "Last Name" files for sure.

My plan is to have 2000 or so names per letter for last names (including duplicates), and obviously fewer per letter for first names. I'll look into some statistics for actual Australian surnames and first names to get a good idea of percentages for the more common ones. Given the large sample size, I thought duplicate names might need to be multiplied. 50 is a tad high, I'll admit haha.

Would love to add your list to it as well (or anyone else's contribution!) if you're happy to send it through
Title: Re: Player Names Database
Post by: Skip on September 11, 2018, 04:15:31 pm
The most common first name is about 10x the 100th most common, and about 1000x a unique name.

50 lots of Matt/Matthew/Mathew/etc is not that unrealistic at all.

Title: Re: Player Names Database
Post by: Grenville on September 11, 2018, 07:15:42 pm
Thanks mate, good thread and appreciate you jumping on it. Can confirm the game has 2x text files, one for first names, and one for last names. It picks from them completely at random for any generated person (staff/player etc)

I could support a weighting and make firstnames.txt a .csv so that you can easily boost names without having to copy/paste many lines. EG:

etc etc

No spaces, one name/weighting pair on each line. When i read the file in It'll build out an in memory collection with 5x Andrews and randomly pick from that. Lets be a little conservative with it so we dont end up with millions of records in there.

Title: Re: Player Names Database
Post by: netslave on September 26, 2018, 06:16:08 am
I've updated the Names lists for my personal games, you can grab them at:
I basically just used the existing ones and added extra names to them.
You will need some sort of weighting for the names, I also ran into the problem of having names that were a firstname with australian heritage and a lastname that was indian etc. and combination of names that just really didnt make sense.
I also wanted to get more indigenous names in there as well.